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Weekend Vibes

Winters in the desert aren't like anywhere else! We are so forutnate to be able to send our kids outside year round to run and play.

Being outodoors all year rounds is a luxury the residents of Arizona have. Why not take advantage of it? While most of the nation is bundled up inside our kids are riding bikes, hiking, and some still swimming!

“What's your favorite outdoor activity in Scottsdale?”

Top 3 things to do and stay active with your family during the brutal Arizona Winter.


While so many natives have lost touch with this nature loving adventure there is still so many great trails to be hiked. Some of our favorites include: Pinnacle Peak, Lost Dog, Gateway, and never to be forgotten Camelback!


Some of you may not realize this, but not every state welcomes bikers the way Arizona does. Take advantage of those bike lanes, grab your helmut and explore your neighborhood and what this beautiful state has to offer.


Golf may not be for everyone, so our favorite spot is TOPGOLF. This is a place where the kids along with parents all while enjoying food and drinks.

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