Christen Helfrich


Being born and raised in Arizona, Christen Helfrich knows the valley like it's her Monday morning coffee routine. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Business & Communication. At the same time attending college, Christen worked in the hospitality industry at a local well-known restaurant, working her way up the corporate ladder to Director of Marketing. Since then she has ventured out on her own to create her own marketing consulting company, Blue Strategies, and yes it's named after her dog. You can find her always on the move traveling out of the country or visiting a friend in another state. Find Christen on almost every social platform with @stistenmae and she'll tell you the handle name came from her younger siblings not being able to pronounce her name. "One thing that has been constant in my life is the use of technology. I get so amped thinking about how it's shaped generations and I'm a part of it!" Next time you spot Christen at one of our events, ask her about her favorite technology (it's a very unexpected answer). 


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